Liwa Plastics Industries Complex (LPIC)

The Liwa Plastics Industries Complex (LPIC) is a major project that will improve Orpic’s product mix and enable it to take advantage of the growing global market for plastics. This steam cracker project will process light ends produced in Orpic’s Suhar Refinery and its Aromatics Plant as well as optimize the Natural Gas Liquids extracted from currently available natural gas supplies.

The project has six core components to it:

  • A natural gas extraction plant in Fahud
  • 300km pipeline between Fahud and Suhar Port Area for gas transportation
  • An 800+kTA Steam Cracker Unit
  • HDPE Plant
  • LLDPE Plant
  • Polypropylene Plant

LPIC will enable Oman, for the first time, to produce polyethylene, the form of plastic that rates highest in terms of global demand, thus enabling Orpic to deepen access in its existing international markets as well as develop new ones.

With LPIC coming onstream, plastics production will increase by 1 million tonnes, taking Orpic’s polyethylene and polypropylene production to 1.4 million tonnes by 2019.

Capital Investment

USD 6.7 Billion

Year of opening



1.2 Million tons annually