Suhar Refinery 1

Established in 2006, the Suahr Refinery comes to support the fuel demands of the nation by an added capacity of 116,000 bpd with a capital investment of USD 1.3 billion.

Suhar Refinery 2

The Suhar Refinery Improvement Project (SRIP) currently known as “Suhar Refinery 2” is a multibillion dollar capital investment for Orpic which produces 82,000 bpd. Started the commercial operations in the late 2017, the SR 2 is a response to the need to upgrade refining capability in order to further maximize the value of Omani crude oil.

SR 2 added five new units, improving Suhar Refinery’s ability to process heavier Omani crude oil. The five units are:

Crude Distillation Unit
Vacuum Distillation Unit
Delayed Coker Unit (DCU)
Hydrocracker Unit (HCU)
Bitumen Blowing Unit

The SR 2 was able to raise the naphtha and propylene production by 70%. From the fuels perspective this increase caters to the continuing growth of fuel consumption in the country, which has grown by 10% annually over the past 5 years. At the same time, the feedstock needs of the company’s aromatics and polypropylene plants are met, and with the increased supply of naphtha, Orpic is be able to reduce naphtha purchases from 75% of its total requirement down to 25%.

Capital Investment

4 Billion USD

Year of opening


Capacity per day

204,000 barrels