Knowledge Hub

Orpic established a Knowledge Hub in Suhar in 2017 to share with the community information related to the refining and petroleum industries in general and Orpic in particular.

The hub provides visitors an opportunity to learn about the different aspects of work in Orpic, and the latest innovations and technologies being used in refineries. In addition, visitors get to recognise the importance of oil as a key pillar of Oman’s economy, and understand how the refining process leads to the production of petrochemical by-products that create new growth opportunities and offer valuable returns.

Visitor Requirements

  • Prior appointment must be taken by contacting the staff at the Knowledge Hub to book the date of visit.
  • Visitors must be at least 16 years old.
  • The total number of visitors in a group should not be more than 25. If the number exceeds, the visitors will be distributed between two groups.

We invite you to book your visit to discover the world of refineries and petroleum industries by calling us on:

Tel: + 968 22105499

Mobile: + 968 9938 2234