Benefits for Omani Employees

13th Month Salary

Each Omani employee who has completed one year's continuous service, from their joining date to the payment day, is entitled to receive a thirteenth month pay equal to one month basic salary. This one month pay will exclude all allowances and will be paid during Ramadan.


Membership of the PASI scheme is compulsory to all Omani employees. Method of payments and other conditions are given in a separately approved scheme, which remains an integral part of the HR Policy.

Housing Loan

Omani employees qualify for housing loan to either purchase or build new house, or purchase land and undertake future improvement.

Accommodation for new employees

New employees will be provided with hotel accommodation, or furnished apartments, arranged by the company for a maximum period of one month.

Travel Allowance and Entitlement

For international travel, employees are entitled to a travel allowance for every calendar day spent on official duty away from the Sultanate of Oman.

Membership to Approved Clubs

The Company will pay a sum per annum towards recreational club membership fees, for specified grades.

Relocation Assistance

The Company provides relocation assistance to employees transferred permanently from one location to the other (Suhar/Muscat, or any other business locations the Company has or intends to have in the future).

Medical Coverage

The Company provides medical cover for its employee and direct family members (spouse and unlimited number of children below 18 years of age). Maternity, dental and optical expenses are covered under the terms and conditions of Orpic’s contract.

Salary Advance

The Company may grant advances of up to two months’ basic salary to employees.

Workman Compensation

The Company will cover all employees’ work-related injuries and/or occupational sicknesses.

Annual Leave Entitlement

Orpic opened the park in August 2016 with an investment amount of OMR 900,000 and total area of 37,000 m2. It combines entertainment, sports and educational facilities adding to the green landscape, sports fields and other services.

Disability Insurance

It is the first of its kind edutainment centre in Suhar, and one of the most important facilities within Falaj Public Park, which was funded by Orpic in collaboration with Suhar Municipality, and inaugurated in August 2016. The centre build-up on an area of 650 m2 with total investment of OMR 180,000.

Performance Incentive Scheme

Orpic provides a yearly “Performance Incentive” as recognition for the efforts and achievements made by an employee during the calendar year. This Performance Incentive Scheme aims to serve as encouragement and motivation to employees in making Orpic a leading performer in its industry. The Performance Incentive Scheme is calculated using the following variables:

  • a) Employee’s Individual Performance Rating and relevant grade multiplier
  • b) Function KPI Score
  • c) Corporate KPI Score

Omani employees, depending on job grade, are eligible for benefits that include but are not limited to above mentioned