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Career and Development

We take our employees' development seriously, and offer various opportunities in this regard:

Whether Orpic employees aspire career growth as an individual contributor or as a leader, Orpic engages all employees through evaluation, discussion, planning and development activities that are appropriate to the aspirations and current level of competency, performance and estimated potential.

iPMS: Individual Performance Management System is a process which contributes to the effective management of individuals and teams in order to achieve high levels of organizational performance – helping Orpic to achieve its goals.

IDP: Individual Development Plan help employees with their personal development, to gain the required competencies to perform their duties successfully.

Above & Beyond/PRIDE Winners: Above & Beyond/PRIDE Winners are initiatives to recognize, reward and retain valuable staff, by acknowledging their performance and productivity.

EDP: Orpic Educational Development Program, is a Company-sponsored, long-term education program that runs from six months to five years. This program is selected to advance an individual with potential for a higher-level position, or to allow an employee to strengthen their education.

Assessment Center: Multiple assessment techniques, such as situational exercises and job simulations, are used to evaluate, assess, develop, and measure an individual employee’s performance and capabilities against key job criteria.

Succession Planning: A robust business tool, used to facilitate sustainable operations by ensuring that a pipeline of human resources is available, ready and capable to assume more challenging roles.

Leadership: Orpic’s leadership programmes are aimed at developing and sustaining capable and professional leaders, through leadership competency profiling and a systematic framework.

Talent Board: Orpic’s Talent Board is responsible for reviewing, approving and overseeing talent management strategies, systems, processes and decisions. This includes talent recruitment, development, performance and rotation, promotion, succession planning and retention.