Rewards and Recognition

‘Driving above and beyond performance

The purpose of the reward and recognition schemes is to recognise and reward employee performance and behaviours that support Orpic’s vision, mission, values and initiatives. They acknowledge the effort of employees who exceed their normal assigned duties. These schemes also play a significant role in driving and enhancing employee engagement.

The ‘Above and Beyond’ recognition scheme forms part of Orpic’s broader recognition programmes, and is limited to employees below the Team Leader level. ‘Above and Beyond’ nominees will automatically be enrolled in the second level of competition as PRIDE Winners.

TESTAHAL scheme ‘on-the spot recognition’ is designed to help immediate supervisors offer instant appreciation to their Individual Contributors, Team Leaders and Managers

Chairman’s Award of Excellence

‘Orpic recognises outstanding projects’

The Chairman’s Award for Excellence (CAE) is a prestigious annual corporate recognition scheme for projects, through which Orpic acknowledges and rewards project members who contributed to business improvements and displayed role model behaviours.

Learning Award

‘Orpic, as a learning environment’

The purpose of this reward scheme is to embrace a continuous learning culture and transform Orpic into a learning organisation. It is designed to encourage cost-effective tools by implementing internal programmes and utilising talents in coordination with Learning & Development Department. Participants are honoured during the annual Open Learning Day for their valuable contribution.