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Orpic Corporate Sponsorship & Event Guidelines


As a responsible corporate citizen, Orpic firmly believes in supporting communities within which it operates, and does so with integrity and sincerity.

We have a history of using sponsorships to enhance our support for various initiatives and in doing so, profile our brand. The right sponsorships help us engage with our stakeholders locally, regionally and globally, and the role of sponsorship is to build opportunities for brand engagement with our stakeholders, through communicating our values.

The Committee will operate within an approved framework and the criteria required for evaluating opportunities will be in line with Orpic’s four Core Values:

  • We put safety and the environment first
  • We bring the potential of our people alive
  • We aim for leading performance
  • We serve Oman with pride

This is to ensure the activities we support have a positive impact on Orpic`s image & reputation.
The areas we look to sponsor are in:

  • Culture – including popular culture and entertainment
  • Education-part of developing community and Oman leaders
  • Sport – from local groups
  • Thought Leadership – we are at the forefront of a changing refinery and petrochemical industry and we want to be associated with like-minded properties and organizations that will help create distinction from our competitors.

Application Process

Orpic employees are welcome to submit a proposal for sponsorship. When doing so, please propose the following:

Proposals should include the following:
  • Description and history of the event or program the applicant wants Orpic to sponsor
  • Explanation of why Orpic should sponsor this event and/or program, including sponsorship benefits to Orpic
  • Audience demographics for event or program
  • Sponsorship levels available (e.g., exclusive, presenting, etc.), including a list of delegates by title, or other major partners, if applicable.
  • Sponsorship levels and costs associated with each level
  • Deadline for sponsorship decision
  • Post-event evaluation process
  • Existing sponsors
Before submitting any proposal, the sponsorship evaluation criteria listed below should be considered:
Evaluation Criteria Sponsorship proposals are evaluated against seven general criteria. These criteria have been developed to ensure that Orpic establishes sponsorship relationships that will mutually benefit the corporation and the partnering organization.
Proposals are evaluated for: 1. Tangible business benefits associated with the partnership.
2. National scope, with the ability to activate on a local level, as opposed to only a single, local community investment.
3. Opportunity to create long-term value.
4. Opportunity to reach targeted audiences and build relationships.
5. Positive exposure consistent with the Orpic brand.
6. Ability to create cross-promotional initiatives.
7. Potential for long-term, sustainable partnerships and/or relationships, that allows Orpic to connect to its target consumers and market its products and services.
For detailed information on applying for corporate sponsorship of events and programs that meet these criteria, please see Application Process and Timing.
Sponsorship Timing The sponsorship should allow at least six months` lead time for activation.
Ineligible Activities Orpic is unable to support the following activities because they do not meet the criteria we have set for our corporate sponsorship program. However, there maybe other options available for obtaining support for these activities.
  • Requests that benefit an individual person or family.
  • Religious activities, in whole or in part, for the purpose of furthering religious doctrine.
  • Door prizes or raffles.
  • School-affiliated orchestras, bands, choirs, drama groups, yearbooks or class parties.
  • Local youth sports organizations, such as Little League and high school.
  • Travel expenses.
  • Political groups and/or organizations.
No Go Area Our Orpic brand is very important to us. We won`t consider sponsorship opportunities that relate to or contain:
  • Extreme or violent themes, including high risk activities or extreme sports
  • Politically sensitive or controversial subject matters
  • Sponsorship of teams (by exception only)
  • Sponsorship of individuals (by exception only)
  • An event which is due to commence within the next 2 months.

Themes damaging to our brand
Timing Proposals will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. Orpic will respond in a timely manner to the requestor. If there is a need for additional information, Orpic will contact the organization directly. Ideally, applicants should allow12-to-18 months between application and the sponsored event to enable Orpic to appropriately plan its participation and budgeting.
Other Options If necessary, the Sponsorship Committee will forward proposals to areas of business that may be better positioned to respond. For a more timely response, requesters should make every effort to target the appropriate organization with the initial proposal. For more information on obtaining sponsorship support for community events and programs, contact our Community Responsibility Department.