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Orpic`s commitment to its vendors and to the national agenda

Orpic is reliant on its vendors to supply goods and services of the required quality in time, efficiently and to budget.

By the same token, Orpic has a commitment to being transparent and clear in its procurement and tendering procedures, ensuring potential suppliers have the opportunity to present their bids through a fair and competitive process.

Orpic is also a supporter and sponsor of Oman`s prioritisation of In-Country Value (ICV) to support the sustainable employment of Omani nationals and the incorporation of Omani goods and services within the procurement processes of local companies. For more on Orpic and ICV please follow this link.

In-Country Value (ICV)The Orpic Contract and Procurement Process

General Types of Contract Commitments with Orpic Supplier/Contractor Community

1. Purchase Orders (PO)

POs are placed for the purchase of goods (materials or equipment). A PO is a formal commitment to the supplier to supply the goods.

Tendering Process for Purchase Orders

2. Contracts

Contacts are placed for work or services (it may include material and equipment but has a large element of labour and/or services)

• Fixed Scope Contracts - This is a commitment to pay a contractor to execute some work or deliver a service. Eg. Contract to repair a pump. Commitment is made when contract awarded. (Letter of Award and/or Sign Contract)

• Service Contract- (also referred to as Call Off Contract or Fixed Term Contract) - are contracts with an agreement for the contractor to provide services at an agreed price or price structure for an agreed duration. Commitments can be made in the contract (Eg. IT support and maintenance contracts) or when a Call Off Order is placed against the Contract when the service is required. ( Eg. Provision of Service Engineer on Call Off basis)

• Price Agreements - are contracts with no formal commitment just an agreement to supply goods at an agreed price or price structure for an agreed duration. Commitments are made when a formal Call Off Order is placed against the Price Agreement when the goods are required.

Tendering Process for Contracts